when the bitch be given u head
damn that girl be given good ass swo
by jesus December 10, 2003
Top Definition
(Surface Warfare Officer) v. To be repeatedly backstabed/bludgeoned from one you trust; To drive a theoretical bus over ones colleagues.
n. One skilled in the art of betrayal and ass kissing to its max; where what is considered cool/interesting/important is actually ultra gay (not to be confused with ULTRA C/E/S)and completely irrelevant in modern society or world history.

To further his career, LT Smith SWO-ed his division officer by calling him out in front of the Captain.
by Tonrey July 16, 2008
When one is particularly muscular. Stems from the fact when one is muscular one has a "SWOllen" look
That body builder is swo like a mother fucker.
by TheVoiceOfReason March 21, 2006
SWO stands for "smoke weed occasionally" or in some cases "smoke weed often". The term was developed by non-stoners in response to the popularization of the term SWED (smoke weed every day). The ambiguity of claiming to SWO lends it a sense of mystery that SWED lacks.
"Hey man, you SWED?"
"Nah b, but I do SWO."
by smokeshow November 02, 2013
abr -Slut Whore Of Satan. A female who listens to heavy metal, or other extreme hybrids of the style and attends live band shows dressed in black and leather in order to find someone to have sexual intercourse with and leave the temporary partner the next morning.

short - a slut who listens to heavy metal.
"That ugly bitch over there is a SWOS"
"Man, this gig is full of SWOS"
"I could go a SWOS or two right now"
by Bob November 21, 2002
"Croc's" or Dawg's"

Stupid looking shoes
Man those are some ugly swoes
by Steven Dyck September 10, 2007
abbrv. for swollen; most frequently used to mean enlarged or full and typically preceded by the preposition 'on.'
1. After hustlin the whole night, my pockets are on swo'; 2. Shit, that foo's head is on swo!
by King Willy July 31, 2006
SWOS (Silent walk of shame), is said when the term fail is not enough; when one does something irreparably lame. Fail is not enough to gloss over this, and in these situations, you simply must bow your head, and walk away silently i.e. The Silent Walk of Shame. This is not to be joked about by the other party, as it is a sad moment for both, sometimes requiring a sincere apology and forgiveness.
Tim: Dude, did you hear Osama Bin Laden was killed?

Phillip: Wait, who was he?

Tim: Dude...

Phillip: Oh...yeah


Tim: I'm sorry man
by Bikerman24 May 26, 2011
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