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Acronym for 'So What Its Friday' its an angry reply to
TGIF ( Thank God its Friday) used when you are having a crappy friday in reply to all the TGIF
Ken : TGIF, Its been a shitty week, time to party
Salivavic : wtf SWIF , I'm still working tomorrow.
by thatlucifer May 13, 2010
Somebodies wife I'd fuck, because most milfs are swifs
Damn check out that S.W.I.F.
by CSKENT April 01, 2007
a promiscuous man, male eqivolent of a slut. swiffish behaviour: man who behaves like a swif.

a man who sleeps with many women, is easy, and isnt picky about preference. a person who is lead through life by his desire for sex. to do this is swiffish behaviour. A swif is the person involved in said swiffish behaviour.
by Sammyjo18 May 30, 2006