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A Swett is a nickname for a dirty cum guzzling whore who literally lives up to the saying ‘if the river runs red, take the dirt track instead’. Using the phrases ‘Like feeding a tic-tac to a Whale’ and ‘Like waving a flagpole in Space’ doesn’t even compare to the massive size of a Swett’s GAPING frontbum hole.
Example #1 (In a club)
Boy 1: Core you seen that right dirty little swett over there?
Boy 2: Yes mate, I bet you could fit the statue of liberty up her cunt

Example #2: (Watching a dirty porn with a Girl taking it in the Pink and the Stink)

Boy 1: Core she's getting proper destroyed the swett

Boy 2: Bet she f*king loves it the dirty little BIT!!

slut whore tart
by Cheeky Crawford November 12, 2010
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