instead of 'sweated' you 'swat'
i swat last night, i was so hot.
by fml.134 August 12, 2009
A combination of sweat and a female body part, normally consisting of moisture around the pelvic region. Swat normally stems from lack of hygiene in the vaginal area coupled with a long day of hard work.
The lead flute player had swat after marching band rehearsal today...
by Racer93 November 06, 2007

It's used in the USAF by fliers and maintenance
people to describe those that have to clean the shitters, swap out the water jugs and remove the garbage.
Hey when is the SWAT team gonna get here and clean out the latrine?
by Flt Eng March 06, 2008
Shit, Waste, and Trash.
We brought in the swat team to remove the Grey water.
by CC Sabathia October 14, 2007
a girl's genital orgin.
the vaginal area.
the pussy palce.
dude not cool, you hit my swat.
by daynuhboy October 23, 2007
Sweaty Wetty Anal Torture = swat

At Bens party Jessica was askin fer some swat, from cory, and mike, and kyle
by HugMachine June 13, 2007
To smoke a pipe, bong, blunt, jay, or any other marijuana smoking device.
Swat that fucking bong bitch!
by Mr. Nice Guy 4 October 19, 2006

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