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Acronym for "since we are here". The condition which compels people to make unscheduled stops due to the proximity of another store. See mission creep
I was going to mow the lawn but the trip to CostCo SWAH-ed into trips to Whole Foods, Trader Joes and the mall.
by mike_the_wino June 22, 2012
2 1
Similar in meaning to the work 'Meh'.

Although 'Swah' is said as a response of either surprise or remorse, but not really giving a crap.
Q: "Did you know Lady Gaga is pregnant!?"
A: "Swah!"

'On a game e.g. GTA' - *Drives car into lake*
by Pseudonym Not-Known January 02, 2010
26 16
From the word "Puswah" meaning pussy.
That boy ate the hell outta da swah.
by irie October 12, 2004
27 31