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Scientific Wild Ass Guess
I didn't study for my final exam, so I opted to use the SWAG method, which resulted in an A+.
by scherer13 December 09, 2008
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Scientifically. Whack. Ass. Guess. This can be used to answer something you don't know but by using the S.W.A.G method it gives you a slim chance to answer correctly and gives your answer a sense of swag.
Joey: Did you hear about that fight last night during lunch?

Dominic: Yeah bro i heard it was fucking awesome.

Joey: Ehh kinda.. it wasn't too great.

Dominic used the S.W.A.G method to make it look like he knew what he was talking about and his answer had some "swag". It was a safe answer because in fact he hadn't seen it or heard about it but just assumed it would be "fucking sweet".
by ChadSonZor December 13, 2009
sophisticated wild-ass guess
I'm gonna use the SWAG method on the lenghth of this 2-by-4 here.
by Michael Stanfill July 08, 2005

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