short for Subwoofer - a complete loudspeaker dedicated to the reproduction of bass audio frequencies.
John: I hooked up my SW last night, and its deafening.
#sw #subwoofer #speaker #loud #beat #bass
by dmandbezt August 28, 2009
Top Definition
Street Worker which means professional girls on street.
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
Stormwind, one of the capital cities for the alliance on World of Warcraft. It belongs to the humans.
n00b: where teh heck do I find SW d00d???+plus
1337: zomg, low levels dont know shit!!1
#bwl #mc #naxx #gnoem #nelf
by Håkon September 04, 2006
Stands for Starting Weight. Is often seen on girls with eating disorders' online journals. Is used to keep track of how much weight they (think) they want to lose.

See also:


Oh man, this girl is 5'6" and her freaking SW is 102! That's so messed up.
#anorexic #sad #eat #fucked up #why?
by -Cassy- March 27, 2007
Still waiting.
(~Sawah) sw on why you hate the wii
#waiting #bored #why #irc #im
by Paralulz July 25, 2009
Street Walker, another word for hooker, or "lady of the evening." Generally in reference to female prostitutes.
My friend picked up a SW for the evening. He took her back to his place, but when he woke up, his wallet was missing and his cats had been shampooed.
#sw #street walker #whore #hooker #prostitute
by totems July 10, 2008
Short way of saying Star Wars
Hey that new SW Eps 3 is gonna pwn joo!
by Bryant October 20, 2004
Literally means "shrinking woman"...if you don't believe me search it on google. :)
My fantasy is to have a SW.
#shrink #gts #microphilia #macrophilia #paraphilia
by Alygts February 19, 2008
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