Abbreviation for "software" as opposed to hardware in the computer world.
I got this cool underground sound card but I don't have the SW to drive it!! :o(
by Nazu March 14, 2005
Scarabian Warrior (from Online game)
SW Comit was a Scarabian Warrior.
by Joe Schmonic July 14, 2004
Abbreviation for the ORG Survivor: Webcam.
"Man, is the SW site down for you?"
"Yeah, but the real question is, when is it NOT down?"
by Lenea November 06, 2003
Stands for Semi-Wood. As is a sort of attractive girl you'd like to bone.
Yo she's pretty cute...she gave me SW.
by the chocolate elvis April 25, 2003
an expression of happiness
Me: Hey, I got my car!
The world: SW!!!!!!!!!!
by zNayrBz March 12, 2003
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