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Military acronym, short for "Situation Unchanged, Still Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition (Reality). A blending of SUSFU and FUBAR, .You can use it when the shit has REALLY hit the fan and does NOT stop.
It's Friday night in a gourmet bistro, and things have REALLY gone to shit. The produce delivery didn't happen, the fry cook has the shits, and the dupes keep pouring in. Orders are coming back, and things are backing up. Someone asks the chef how things are doing, he replies "FUBAR!"

A couple hours later, he gets asked again. Things haven't changed one bit. Pissed off at the maitre d', he shouts "Thins are SUSFUBAR! Now get out of my fucking kitchen before I gouge out your eyes and skullfuck you!"
by OldSalty April 29, 2012