Sport. Utility . Mini-van

a Minivan that looks like an SUV , it has a fuel efficient engine 4 doors and even 4 wheel drive , but it's easy to tell just by looking at it that it was never meant for off road , it was meant for people who needed a minivan that realized you feel like a complete goon driving one.

newer models now come with upgraded stereos which include subwoofers and all that jazz to be apealing to the younger crowd, thats right a person of any age can drive a shitbox on wheels!

guy 1: Hey man, there goes ryan in his sweet SUV
guy 2: oh you mean that Tahoe?
guy 1: No that mitsubishi Outlander in front of the tahoe
guy 2:Man that ain't no SUV , thats a SUMV, some of the looks . NONE of the glory
by Mike Dazzler October 19, 2007
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