is the "Lakota Sioux" word for dog. (The Lakota are the North American Indian tribe who were featured in the 1990 movie "Dances with Wolves" starring Kevin Costner.)

Siyo-suka, tranlates as "bird dog".

by medic5194 September 17, 2007
スカ, su-ka, as in ska, the music genre
1: What does suka mean?
2: Oh! that is Russian for bitch?
1: No! スカ, ska! The music genre.
by アレックスガ August 26, 2009
In Polisch:

1. bitch
2. police car
1. Twoja matka to suka. (Your mother is a bitch)

2. Zabrali go sukÄ…. (He was taken by a polica car)
by kalafior January 02, 2004
someone who will fall for anything or give someone anything
johnny: a yo i sucka'd my grandma into gettin me vice city
cracker says: my ma aint a suka
by ariel August 05, 2003
Faggot, homosexual, gay, homoerotic, homophile, inverted, lesbian, queer, male prostitute, gay man
You are such a SuKa.
Get off me, little SuKa.
by Suckafree July 11, 2004
spelled Cyka in russian.

The only word that most Americans know in Russian. Usually taught to them by Russians who like to indulge their American friends' requests to "learn some Russian"

Translates to "bitch".

Not to be confused with "Sukot", the Jewish holiday, or the tent related to the event, a "suka".
"Suka blat! On ukral ot menya sto baksov!"
(Bitch fuck! He stole 100 bucks from me!)
by OlegTheGreat December 13, 2008

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