A pet name for your child, family member or close friend.
"Whatcha doin' sugar booger?"
by southernbelle88 March 20, 2013
Top Definition
The effect of having cocaine visible in one's nostril after snorting the drug.
Dude, you got a major sugar booger, take care of that before you leave the bathroom.
by Michael Wolstencroft February 13, 2006
a term you can call your boyfriend.
come here sugar booger i love you so much.
by NIKKI February 02, 2004
slang term for cocaine
Want to snort some Sugar Booger?
by sackshannon January 21, 2010
a foreign object found in granulated sugar containers caused by extracting sugar from the container using unclean utensils or other means
Lacretia!!! I done told you a 1000 times. Use a clean spoon in that sugar bowl...nobody wants your nasty saliva-made sugarboogers in their drink!
by hvygee October 21, 2010
along the lines of "shit" or "fuck" thought it is in a more polite way
SUGARBOOGER...i lost my keys
by Kysha November 14, 2003
The appropriately colored boogers that form in your nose after you insufflate sugar.
Dude, you're going to have purple sugar boogers after all that grape Gatorade you just snorted.
by MouseKraus April 19, 2009
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