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Speak Up For Geography - only the coolest new effort to convince lawmakers to fund Geography - the subject that crosses rivers, climbs mountains, spans the ages, and hops the globe. Knowing Geography means not being that kid who doesn't know that Florida doesn't touch Mexico, or that girl who asks if Portugal is still a country (it is). Thinking Geographically means realizing that not recycling that old cell phone could make you directly responsible for that South Asian 10 year-old's toxin induced cancer, and knowing what your delicious chocolate snack from the vending machine has to do with Africa. So Speak Up For Geography, write a letter to your US representative and tell them about SUFG. Google it.
Oh hey, have you SUFG-ed yet? I love to SUFG, because I know what's up. And I know that "up" is not synonymous with "north"
by intheknow2020 February 16, 2012
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