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A person who is utterly cool and just cannot be un-cool. Must own a lightsaber. A SUAD walks cool talks cool and is AMAZING at soccer. cool
Who's that cool person tryna be?

Duh, they're tryna be SUAD!
by lightsaber December 04, 2009
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The most inteligent, coolest, sexiest person in the world... Everybody wants to be suad :)
-Wow, look at him !
-Mmm. Yeah, he`s such a SUAD !
by RealNameOfc February 21, 2010
Shut Up And Deal
Girl: My nail broke. My hair is so frizzy! And that girl has the same shirt as me.

Boy: Can you just SUAD!? JFC.
by SPIDEYY August 31, 2010

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