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A collection of individuals or groups, which may include but is not necessarily limited to progressives, lean forward type Democrats, Communists, Socialists, anarchists, intellectuals, professors, liberal pundits, media editors, race hucksters, race baiters, neighborhood activists, narcissistic and clueless politicians, actors, entertainers and assorted others, including the lawyer class which thrives on ever increasing regulation, as well as labor leaders and your garden variety of block-headed buffoons who just know more than you do. These individuals and groups promote sophomoric and offensive or socially toxic ideas or thoughts void of reason or any logically derived origin, arrived at without the benefit of scientific research, much less a minimal amount of clear minded forethought.
A collection of stupidissives, including an assortment of students, professors and political activists, defecated in the street to protest capitalism.
by Oddle Sines July 16, 2013
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