During the early days of the Cold War, Rapid Response Forces were the name of the game.

S.T.R.A.C. US Army for "STRategic Army Corps"

S.A.C. US Air Force "Strategic Air Command"
ie Cpl. Johannson is a STRAC Trooper.

I was a member of SAC
by SSGJughead, US Army ret. April 20, 2013
Top Definition
A 1970's era US military acronym, meaning: Strategic, Tough, and Ready Around the Clock. To be labeled "strac" was considered high praise.
"He was a strac trooper."
by Quiche Lorraine December 23, 2004
Military from WWII: Strong, Tough and Ready Around the Clock. Still in use.
"He's one STRAC soldier!"
by RayJay55 January 27, 2010
STRictly ACcording (to regulations) an epithet applied to officers and NCOs who 'go by the book' and seem totally unable to think for themselves. The military equivalent of a Jobsworth, frequently linked with REMF.
Frequent complaint from the Vietnam War, "That STRAC REMF insisted we polish our boots before going out into the boonies to hunt Charlie"
by croatalin August 18, 2013
1970's US military acronym, still in use today.

Amongst officers: Strategic, Tough, Ready Around the Clock.

Amongst enlisted: SHIT! The Russians are coming!

The second sense referring jocularly to the readiness level that was needed in "rapid deployment" units -- troops who would need to activate/deploy in as little as 2 hours if the Russians really were coming (Cold War)
"You've all got inspection at 0700 hours tomorrow. That's a full gear inspection by the CO, and you BETTER be looking STRAC!"
by roxieu July 18, 2009
Originally a military acronym for STRategic Army Corps. An elite unit, the word became a term of compliment; "to be Strac" meant "to be militarily excellent" in both dress and skill. Usually "back-formed" to mean "Strategic, Tactical and Ready Around the Clock" and several other "backronyms." However, as all words tend to do, the meaning drifted, the sense becoming more of excellence in military appearance than military skill ... to the point where being called "Strac" came to mean that he looks like a recruiting poster but couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag.
ORIGINAL: "Wow, did you hear what Sergeant Jones did on the line last week? If we had ten of him, the war would be over in a week. What a STRAC soldier!"

COMMON/CONTEMPORARY: "Geez, look at Private Smith: hair buzz-cut, uniform perfectly pressed, patches and pins immaculate, leather polished to a mirror-brightness. Such a pity the loser has no skills whatsoever. STRAC jerk."
by nighthawk-81 November 05, 2013
Big-headed pratt. Thinks he's above everyone when he's simply a fat loser.
Stupid hair and an even more stupid attitude, one big llama.
by Buddha July 27, 2003
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