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Possibly deriving from cloths or clothes, clouts refer to a woman's pants, knickers or undergarments, particularly the baggy Bridget Jones type.
Her clouts were so big you could have used them as a two man pup-tent.
by Croatalin October 27, 2013
Us Army slang meaning Rest and Rereation, Rest and Recuperation or Rest and Relaxation. The term was certainly used during the Korean and Vietnam Wars but most likely dates from World War Two.
Get your gear packed! e got a pass for 48 hours R 'n R in Saigon!
Number One!
by Croatalin December 06, 2013
Now usually represented as oik meaning an unpleasant, ignorant person. Army slang; originally used as an acronym Obnoxious Ignorant Cunt. When referring to ruperts (junior officers) it became Obnoxious Idiotic Cunt.
Have you heard our rupert's latest? He wants us to blanco our webbing using our tooth brushes!
by croatalin October 22, 2013
The British meaning of 'lunting' is to walk whilst smoking a pipe. Lunting is used by pipe smokers as a means of relaxation or easing stress. In addition Lunting can also mean emitting smoke or steam or the act of lighting a fire, torch or tobacco pipe.

Dating from around 1540 - 1550, the origin is believed to be from the Dutch word 'lont' meaning a slow match or fuse or possibly the Middle Low German 'lonte' meaning a wick.
"Sod this for a game of soldiers, I'm takin' me pipe and going lunting!"
by Croatalin December 04, 2013
Although usually used as a description of an unpleasant, obnoxious twit or the foot wrappings used in place of socks, it is also used to described dried, salted cod because of its strong unpleasant smell. By extension it was also used to describe other things with a strong unpleasant fishy smell.
Dave, I heard you dumped Millie, I thought you were going to give her one.
Nah! I got her clouts off and her min smelled like a load of old toe rag so I left it.
by Croatalin October 27, 2013
To be greased means to be killed. Originally it meant to be killed by multiple bullet wounds from a weapon fired on full automatic but gradually its use extended, particularly during the Vietnam War, until it was used to describe any death caused by enemy action.

The expression originated from American troops of the Second World War who were armed with the M3 submachine gun. Since the M3's nickname was 'grease gun', supposedly from its resemblance to the mechanics tool, enemy troops killed by the M3 were soon referred to as having been greased.
Had some luck out in the boonies today!
How's that?
Nine of Uncle Ho's finest goofin' off in a waterhole, twelve M16s greased their asses real good!
Number One!
by Croatalin November 19, 2013
STRictly ACcording (to regulations) an epithet applied to officers and NCOs who 'go by the book' and seem totally unable to think for themselves. The military equivalent of a Jobsworth, frequently linked with REMF.
Frequent complaint from the Vietnam War, "That STRAC REMF insisted we polish our boots before going out into the boonies to hunt Charlie"
by croatalin August 18, 2013

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