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'Smiles To Oneself' - when something is moderately funny, but not funny enough to make you laugh out loud.
1) Whats the fastest food in the world?
2) Dunno
3) The Runner Bean
4) STO
by G27 September 22, 2008
Usally used by people in the south, and/or 'thugs'
Meaning: Store
Yo im goen to tha sto, you bitches want something?

And dont get it twisted the south IS THE BEST!!
by Miami November 11, 2004
An expression used to define a cool/amazing event or object and/or an awesome situation.
"That car was so stos!"
"The party at her house was stos."
"Her attitude was so not stos."
by Kelly McDowell January 11, 2013
State the obvious .
Short person : oh hi

Normal person : hi , youre short .

Short person : well no shit . STO
by ChelleyGenius . September 04, 2011
Star Trek: Online. Common term used for the new Star Trek MMOG in developement, to be released some time in mid to late 2007.
Perpetual Entertainment is making STO.
by Eoghan O'Halloran October 05, 2005
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