short for stockton or the richard stockton college of new jersey. also everyone that attends stockton gets an assigned STK number
hey did you get your stk number yet?

i need your stk to get onto the website
by AnthonyMC May 18, 2007
Top Definition
Acronym for "Shoot to Kill", a south jersey crew that keeps it true … always.
those STK kids are grimey as hell
by number117 May 02, 2005
Slappin The Knee because your laughing so hard..
Wow dude I cant stop laughing stk!!!
by SaraMcfizzlebunny September 05, 2013
Streets Toughest Krew, crew in West Los Angeles, taking control.
Those Stk foos keep it real.
by 104G July 15, 2011
Savage tag krew,The best tag krew in the western hemisphere
Damn did u hear about STK
by Coarse March 24, 2008
That stupid "Star Trek Kid" you knew in school.
That stupid STK will not fit under the car!
by Jone Travis May 28, 2007
abbr. Super Taco King.

One of the greatest mexican restaurants this side of the boarder.
Hey lets go get some burritos from the STK.
by Mike Hayes January 15, 2004
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