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STFU when you are fortunate enough that the person you are targeting has a letter for a name. Acronym for "Shut The Fuck Up, Kay."

Fully flexible, also works for friends named Bea, Dee, Effie, Jay, Em, Ti, and W.
Maybe some others for names I haven't met yet !
I'm sick of your racist, homophobic rhetoric, Kay ! STFUK, k ?
by Keith-E September 01, 2007

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An acronym meaning:
Shut The Fuck Up Klipper.

Klipper being a hyperactive 15 year old with ADD and an addiction to bawls.
<klipper> I just finnished my first linux install
<klipper> SuSE rocks
<klipper> Everyone should use linux!
<klipper> I'm a linux nazi
<klipper> Linux HEIL!!
<Replax> stfuk
by replax August 08, 2004