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Is a scale used to describe how much one would like to have sex with someone.

The concept of the scale is to express which STD (Sexual Transmitted Disease) a girl/guy could infect one with, without one regretting sleeping with that person.

The scale ranges from "none" to "ebola"

Rating from normal or uglier to more beautiful the official STD-scale divided into the following levels:

- None
- Herpes
- Human papillomavirus (HPV)
- Chlamydia
- Gonorrhea
- Syphillis
- AIDS (full grown AIDS with all the opportunistic infections that follow)
- Ebola
- Where would you place your wife on the STD-scale?

- That girl could give me AIDS

- No way I'm doing another "none" tonight

- Ten years ago Natalie Portman could give me AIDS, now she's more like chlamydia
by UT+Per7 August 13, 2014

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