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An expression used primarily on Facebook meaning "sorry to creep." It can be used when two people you haven't spoken to in a long time or you don't know very well have a wall-to-wall exchange and you wish to leave a comment.
STC Brian and Tracy, but this video is hella hilarious!
by Andrea H20s August 23, 2010
12 9
stc stands for SpamTecCrew or SpamTecClique, which coincidentally owns all of your faces and is the greatest.
"stc is the greatest"
"www dot spamtec dot com"
by ytcracker April 05, 2005
97 53
Acronym for Suck That Cock
"What's up baby......STC!!!"
by Ttam S August 29, 2007
32 34
Short for 'Said the cow'
Cow 1: "Mooo mooo moooooooooo moo moooooo"
Cow 2: "STC"

Cow 1: "Lol, that sheep is hairy"
Cow 2: "STC"
by Cows Are Great February 27, 2012
0 6
The new acronym for the politically correct term, "sexually transmitted condition." It is the new way to say sexually transmitted disease (STD), but is considered to be more acceptable since it does not make the people suffering from them sound quite as unclean. Unfortunately this term now also includes pregnancy which could pose to be a social problem for anybody who is actually having a legitimate pregnancy.
Crabs, gonorreah, AIDS, and now even pregnancy are forms of STC.

Even though she planned out her pregnancy, Jane is still talked about around the office for having an STC. What a bimbo.
by Big G and Suba October 19, 2006
9 42
lllllllllaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggggeeeeeeee he's so fat he rolls to school
ah no it's STC
by bob November 20, 2003
3 37
Stupid Tranny Cocksucka
Craig is a STC
by Mr Junty May 10, 2004
10 45