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Stardoll is sometimes very fun and sometimes very boring.Most of the clothes and funiture are for superstars but lets not talk about that.Lets focus on the positive points on stardoll.There are clubs where you get to interact with people from around the world.There are friends requests ; where you can ask someone to be your friend.Once you are friends with somebody you can mail all the time.Sure there are posers,"elites",hackers, and scammers.But I hope we will never forget what stardoll is about.
Stardoll examples
Hacker Example
hacker:Hi! I am giving free makeovers. But I need your password.
hackee:Okay add me and i'll give it to you.
*1 day later*
scamee on a different account:Help ___ hacked my account!

Scammer Example
scammer:Hey can I have your DKNY scuba?We can trade.
scamee: Let's all report ___ she scammed me out of my DKNY scuba! :
by Sugarland10 July 25, 2009

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