You may think Stardoll is a innocent site where you interact with different users and dress up dolls,but if you do,then wipe the shit out of your eyes.

Well,some parts of stardoll are completely free and safe,we call those the "elites".
The users with all the MKA rare clothing and the perfect grammar and speech,plus the bland personalities.
NOTE: Elites are known to be backstabbers,will give up a vital organ for First season DKNY.

Then we have the wemos and scene posers.
Most of which are alive in the club forums,or more known to be called "clubs".
They roam OriginalClub,Animal-Lovers.And FashionClub with their short bobs,lip peircings,vulgar writing style,and at least 40 fake eyelashes growing on their eyes like mold growing on old cheese.
Warning: Stay away from them at all cost,tend to attack with various flavored gummy bears in order to impress the guy in the "V.Neighborhood" topic.

Next thing you have to know is that the most popular clubs,e.t Animal-Lovers;OriginalClub;FashionClub, have a severe hatred toward eachother.
OC & FC tend to "invade" upon Animal-Lover's territory.
These "invasions" are known to be lame and filled with insults they got from their drunk older brother.
Animal-Lovers used to invade,but these invasions were far more planned out and entertaining.
The most well known invasions are the "flan,flan" invasion,and the "senior citizen" invasion.
Invasions are acts of supreme boredom.

Alright,now if by chance you piss anyone off by the invasion then give yourself 12+ flan flan points.

Next,the "populars",don't expect your topics in the forums to get fully admired.
People don't really care,unless your popular.

That's pretty much stardoll.

On stardoll,you pay 60 for DKNY platform shoes,and 4.99 for your soul.
Elite: O-M-G is that the Paulina wig?

Elite2: UH,YEAH! I SO HACKED THIS HOE,HAHA,that's what they get.

Elite: OH SPOT ON!

Scene Poser1: RAWRRzz!11one!!11 I iSHHH ASHHlEY!11

Normal Person: Uh,hi?


Scene Poser1: HELLZYEAH!

*Scene poser 1 & 2 run off to talk about stuff while normal person stands there thinking about what the hell he just saw*


AL Member: All you did was make a topic.

Lame invader from OC: Yeah but...I...uhh..gave you emotional stress?

AL member: Sure thing honey,whatever helps you sleep at night.

I thought Stardoll was just for dressing up dolls,but someone hacked my acount and someone else from Animal-Lovers virtually raped me!
by SaviorOfStardoll August 01, 2009
a website where little girls go trying to be cool and to get a boyfriend and some guys go on coz they're gay but they dont want to say it.
girl: wanna b my stardoll bf?
boy: ok.

by FASHiiONFANATiiC March 15, 2008
Stardoll does look like an innocent site. It's a colourful "paper doll heaven" as it used to be named, where (mostly) young girls make an account and dress up celebrities, design their own suite and medoll.
The clubs aren't so innocent. The (mostly) teens and pre-teens of spend more time in this part of the website. There is thousands of clubs to join, but most of these people join the popular clubs- "FashionClub" "OriginalClub" "Animal-Lovers" "AskPaulinaGirls" - and so on.

Different types of people join the clubs:
1) The Noobs- Basically people who join the club, who are recently new to the site who everyone pick on and bully unfairly.

2) The old ones- People who where in the club since it started. The ones who can give you a list of memories.

3) The welites- People who think they are old, but are really just trying to gain attention, copying other peoples medolls, and trying to act hard.

4) The trouble makers- People who want drama, and tend to do this by typing in caps "I CUTZ MYSELF EVERY NIGHT!!!11!!!" and everyone takes a physke at them. Twenty minutes later they make a topic saying "you're so gullible, I was joking" and eeeverryyone forgives them.
Noob: Hi Guyz, im new here, W@t U up 2?!!! :PP
Club member 1: Oh my god, Use some proper grammer.
Club member 2: LOL look at her medoll!
Noob: Ur so meaan! :(((((
Club member 3: leave her alone, she's only new.

Old member: I remember when stardoll had a pink backround, and we could pay for SS using starpoints.
Old member 2: Yeah, I miss those days :(

Welite 1: Ha, You all don't have your own oppinion. /Cutz.
Normal member: What?

trouble maker: OMGZ, UR ALL SO FUGLY
Normal member: Stfu, TITS OR GTFO
Welite- Omg, I can't believe your posting! You're all really stupid.
by An Fcer January 01, 2011
A doll site meant for little children but everyone there is over 12 years of age.
Everyone's so called dream there is to become covergirl a lot of people try to be covergirl on stardoll and spend over 500sd but never get it my advice don't try for it how about national covergirl yeah.
No one likes noobs on stardoll they are annoying and half of stardoll is noobs they are usually all in parties and clubs like fashion club or original club or MSW, there is also people who think they are popular but are not ignore them they are weird and usually insult you for no reason.
Noob (at stardoll party)


Owner of party

get out !

Noob (in club)
H3y 3veyone I am N3W here wazzup ???

Club member
Hi, bye

people who think they are popluar
Omg I am so amazingly beautiful and everyone loves me

Normal member
*cough* *cough*
by A Stardoll Member March 09, 2011
Stardoll is sometimes very fun and sometimes very boring.Most of the clothes and funiture are for superstars but lets not talk about that.Lets focus on the positive points on stardoll.There are clubs where you get to interact with people from around the world.There are friends requests ; where you can ask someone to be your friend.Once you are friends with somebody you can mail all the time.Sure there are posers,"elites",hackers, and scammers.But I hope we will never forget what stardoll is about.
Stardoll examples
Hacker Example
hacker:Hi! I am giving free makeovers. But I need your password.
hackee:Okay add me and i'll give it to you.
*1 day later*
scamee on a different account:Help ___ hacked my account!

Scammer Example
scammer:Hey can I have your DKNY scuba?We can trade.
scamee: Let's all report ___ she scammed me out of my DKNY scuba! :
by Sugarland10 July 25, 2009
Stardoll is a fashion website where a bunch of people come on to show their creative side.

But, thats not all... It's also where people backstab, scam and cheat people for "rare" pixel clothing such as any old "rare" LE, DKNY, or MKA
Oh and we can't forget about the "elite" people of stardoll who think they are untouchable with their plane simple dolls, all the rares in the world, perfect grammar, i dont give a fuck personality and daddies money background. They're filthy rich and like to show people they have it.

Then we have the fashion extreme kiddos who dare to put layers and layers of clothing on to.. try and make a complex sick looking outfit when it really just looks.. ehh. (Don't put too much effort in it)
Then we have the untouchables, these are all of the wig designers, or really any designer of the sort who are not like the elites but some what similar. Now, unlike a few, most act like they're the best of em all and act as if they're the better of them all.
OH cant forget those scammers/and hackers who just rid us of all of our real money and pixel money, don't we just LOOVE you

Then finally we have the normal people on here who are just trynna have a bit a of fun with it
there are a bunch more but you get the idea
oh gosh be careful on stardoll don't want to be scammed or anything, it is fun though
by nuvy February 23, 2015
Stardoll is quite a thing.

It's competitions earn you like a day of fandom, unless you're 'swaqq'* then you're virtually nothing.
The website, also made so artists can express their ability to perform in arts fabulously are either 'superiors'* or some lucky 'noob'*.

It contains 'emos' , 'scenes' , 'swaqq ppl' , the 'superiors' and...'noobs'.
Then there are just people are utterly pathetic and put every 'popular' on their bestfriends list.

It seems like everyone is 14, 15, 16 or 17 on the website, originally created for LITTLE GIRLS TO PLAY ONLINE DRESSUP.

There are stupid accounts made up to mock 'Stardollers', usually trolling parties like they're on freaking LSD.

The site, originally made for females, harbours an unnatural amount of gay (unsuspectingly, most of the time) males, who try and 'tlk lyk dis and be kwl ;)))))))' to impress the females. Like pitiless animals.

Albums and sceneries 'make sense'.
That's about it.
emos-dark, "mysterious"

scenes-usually (!) say they cut, like goth, always do 'o-o' 'hi I cut please somebody pity me!'

*swaqq ppl-"ppl hu tlk lyk dis'' and wear their virtual clothes 'swaggy'

*superiors-people who are perfect and own everything that's rare on Stardoll- joined in like 2009, really popular

*noobs-usually attacked for their inability to make sense, and idiotic things like asking other people out- in a pathetic way, in Stardoll 'parties'
by Hann.Rashidi Is Fabulous. July 31, 2013

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