Nickname for the rural village of st albans, near London.

The agricultural people of this minor village call it STA for short.
Do not trespass on their land. THEY WILL SHOOT YOU and chase you down in their horse and cart, except for at night, where they cant see because they have not been supplied with the blessing of electricity.
Kid: Im going to STA to go cow tipping
Friend: Are you crazy?! theyl have you on the end of their pitchforks!
Kid: Dont worry! Were going at night. The damn hillbillys wont be able to see us, or catch us on their horse and carts.
Friend: Be careful. Iv heard they can be cannibals. Watch out for the STA tribe!
by Kev80 December 04, 2009
Straight To Anal

often reffered to on the chat site '', this opening to a conversation "STA" refers to the desire to skip the chitchat and go straight to the good stuff.
You: sta
Stranger: what?

or possibly;

You: sta
Stranger: yeah man
You: Thankyousir
by A Gent Constantly On Tour January 14, 2010
cool, trendy, steller, sweet, awesome
She is wearing a sta pair of shoes!
by natalie April 14, 2005
STA (Stereotypical American) usually refers to those that fill the American stereotype of being obese, lazy, craving instant gratification, and other American stereotypes.
Those people that sue McDonalds for giving them obesity are STAs.

"The only reason I'm at Wal-Mart was because there was nothing good on TV"
-Random Wal-Mart shopper STA
by Kman500 November 08, 2009
when a girl gives a guy head and the guy pisses in the girl's mouth
Dude i just stased in Jackie's mouth
by happalanagry July 21, 2008
This term is utilized to describe the feeling or emotion when two or more peers or friends experience and/or say the same idea.

It tends to be awkward, in some cases. It is revolutionary. It is overrated. It is god.

Sta is ignored. Sta is not understood, except by the Chosen Ones.
Me: That's a load of BS.
You (at the same time): Wow. Complete BS.
Me: Sta
You: Sta
Me: Sta
by Jeremy92 September 14, 2009
1. A presence that lingers.
2. One with multiple characters that all fail.
"Mike is being a real big stas and wont go away"
"Stop stasin' around!"
by Trevor Snarr December 18, 2009

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