An online, multi-game group. Has a presence in World of Tanks primarily, but can also be seen in Navyfield, Eve Online, and various other games. Generally regarded as very laid back, but professional in Clan events.
In SSGS, we play for the players, not for the game.
by tricky dutch October 23, 2011
Top Definition
Acronym for the rank of Staff Sergeant in the US ARMY. Quite possibly the most feared and respected rank in the military. SSG's command respect at every turn.
"I was late for formation today and my SSG PT'd me til I puked in every pocket."
by fastdraw12 March 24, 2010
Short for 'Super Shotgun', a weapon in the video game Doom2
"Fr4gma5t3r" was getting a lot of frags with the chaingun until "mR.1337sh00tr" got close enough to nail him with the ssg!
by Fr4gma5t3r December 22, 2008
Stands for Stupid Straight Guy. Code for calling out SSG's in public when staight guys do something stupid or say something stupid... this term then gets used alot.

Usually a straight guy who acts dumb and is just plain bugly.
If you ever go to Texas, make sure to watch out for those SSG hicks.
by DarkBohemian January 10, 2005
Super Sexy Guy, as retarded Ashley writes on all her retard work for her retard class.
Allante' is SSG ... if she wasn't so retarded, she would know that the correct way to say it would be 'Allante is A SSG' but she's a retard...
by willie the dog September 24, 2003
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