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Stands For Shadow Soilders For Life.

Shadow Soilders are the loyal fanbase of the band Otep and lead vocalist Otep Shamaya.
Mike : Dude you listen to Otep ?!!

Chris : Hellz yeah ! SS4L..!
by Jhon von D July 16, 2008
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Stands for Stoner Square For Life. The stoner square is the group of the close friends known as T3XxX@$ R@gEr (Pakuna), Sw33d, Am$, Sp3Kt3r (Sundance). They can out-smoke any body krew around.
Random Passerby: Hey you guys, what are y'all doing tonight?

T3XxX@$ R@gEr: Oh, just hanging out with the SS tonight.

Random: Aren't y'all breaking up soon?

T3XxX@$: Fuck no, SS4L nigguh.
by T3XxX@$R@g3r June 08, 2011

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