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An academy in Lancing that is split into 4 vertical chapters and two horizontal chapters. Nightingale is full of chavs, Mandela, Brunel and Roddick each have some chavs (not sure how the chavs go into Brunel because it has "the top year 11 tutor group") along with some emos and an average sized group of non-descript students. There are only a few teachers that most students like...but because most students are chavs, it doesn't surprise anyone.
SRWA used to be Boundstone Community College and all the chavs are really stressy because they want Boundstone back, they know it'll never happen, and they're missing out on an education because they think they're cool (wich they're not) which I find funny.
Chav: Oi yeah. What school you go to?
Normal Person: SRWA

Chav: Nooo, dat iz like Boundstone, 'ight?
Normal Person: No. Not anymore. Go get an education you knob.
Chav: Boundstone wazz da bestest boii.
Normal Person: Go die. now.
by My Pseudonym Is Better December 21, 2010
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