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Severe Rapid Deceleration Syndrome

The most extreme form of RDS

From military slang.

Death by caused by hitting an immovable object whilst travelling at great speed.
Falling from a sixth floor balcony is a good way to get a case of SRDS.

"Sadly, Steve didn't see the corner coming and hit a brick wall at 120mph."
"Was he injured?"
"Yes, he suffered from SRDS."
"Did he go to hospital?"
"No, the morgue."
by Jimmy1 January 20, 2007
0 1
So Rad Dude. Used when describing things that generally excite or enthrall bros.
My puka shell necklace is SRD.
by Marshall Adams I April 18, 2008
125 27
Social Retard Dissorder
lucy and Charlotte have
by William12345 May 03, 2007
13 15
Sperm Retention Disorder

A psychophysiological disorder used to describe symptoms such as mood swings and nervous ticks resulting from a build-up of sperm and a lack of sexual activity.
That person is suffering from SRD.
by shane2 August 30, 2006
12 18