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Super Question Frosh. A person noted for their tendency to bombard others with frivolous and unfounded questions. They have the ability to ask the most trivial questions in the most demeaning way.
"Fucking SQF won't STFU."

"If SQF doesn't shut the fuck up, Imma shove a squrl up in this bitch."

Person 1: "The point distributions are wrong on this printout."
SQF: "Does that mean that the point distribution is wrong? And by the way, your example code is wrong."
Person 2 (Aside): "WTF?!?! Did he just ask that? STFU SQF"
Person 1 (Later): "PS: There is no error in the code."
#super question frosh #squrl #stfu #bitch #question
by vlqf November 21, 2010
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