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Short for "Sexy Piece of Man"...
Wow.. look at that guy!!! Yeah, he is a SPOM...

Woah girl! Your boyfriend is a total SPOM...
by purpledreams June 18, 2010
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A 'sports mom'. The kind that yells at her own kids at sporting events to do better, run faster, etc. Or worse, yells at her kids' teammates or the kids on the opposing team. The female version of a spad.
I wish that spom in the front row would shut-up so I could enjoy the game!
by patriot1872 December 07, 2007
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Spazzing Mom. A mom who yells a lot, much of the time for no reason.
Bob: "Dude my mom yells so much"
Joe: "I know she's such a spom"
by Pugsnotdrugs June 05, 2015
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1. Spam - usually forum post spam - which is relevant to the thread, but that changes the topic slightly and links to a spam site.
2. A forum post made by a spammer, who has spam links in their signature, but posts relevant to the thread.
1. (In a thread about pizza toppings) Spommer: Oh yeah my favourite is pepperoni. Btw, (link)is a really good site about penis enlargement(/link).
2. (In a thread about TV shows)
Spommer: my favourite show is The Simpsons.
Signature Links: (link)Car Insurance(/link)(link)Cheap Car Insurance(/link)(link)Best Car Insurance(/link)
by marvnrawley December 14, 2009
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Acronym that stands for "So Proud of Myself"
"SPOM" -- effectively used after you make a very witty remark or text. Stands for "so proud of myself"!
by Atlanta Blue Hose June 01, 2011
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