A word with no vowels. Invented by three children in the backseat of and Oldsmobile Cutless in 1989, during the longest, rainiest camping trip in Pennsylvania history.
Spl is the only word in the English language with no vowels.

If you kids say "spl" one more time, I'm throwing you out of this car!
#fake #bored #cutlass #amish country #beating
by RM-123 November 29, 2006
Top Definition
Sound Pressure Level

Description of car audio, such as dB drags

Antithesis to SQ (sound quality)
I prefer SQ competetions to SPL, quality over quantity is what i say.
by markopolo June 26, 2005
Sexual Partner List. The list of people you have had sex with.
I have 10 guys on my SPL.
#check that box #sexual reference #sexual philanthropist #slut #slut action
by FBSS4eva January 08, 2010
In Roseville, California, the Acronym SPL (Safeway Parking Lot)has come to represent the mecca of Rosevilles teen activity on any given night. Most popluated on tuesdays (dollar scoop night) the Safeway Parking Lot is, sadly, the "hang out spot" of a cities extremly bored youth. Many "gangsters" frequent the lot, and can be seen flashing souped up cars of all sorts (most of their cars feature "sweet" underglow...) Although it is a running joke that going to the SPL is super lame, its existence as the "cool place to go" is perpetuated by the small towns lack of worthwhile activities.
"Hey guys, I'm so freaking bored. You wanna go hang at SPL? I hear that's where all the homies go."
#safeway #parking #lot #spl #hang out
by LC309 October 25, 2006
SPL the most awsome guys from the nowra ski park
Aii u seen them SPL's

umm yer omg arent the tank! Especially that Blake and Codey kid
#cool #awsome #tank #gansta #fully sick
by Daff906 February 26, 2009
Acronym. Position in the Boy Scouts of America: Boy leader in charge of all scouts in his troop.
If you have a question, ask the SPL of Troop 520.
by Austin February 16, 2004

The kind of lips that r salty. (Like when if u squezee them 2gether) It is also young SBL that r eventually gonna turn to SBL. ~CHECK OUT THE DEF OF SBL~
1. Auntie Lolet's lips
2. Young Pishbulls' Lips (MOST LIVE IN THE PISHBULLS LAND)
by PishBuLLs D3 July 11, 2004
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