Generally meaningless insult with only a passing phonological similarity to "fag". Commonly used by Discordians.
I was waiting in line behind this total spag, he was all like "ehhhh stop twisting my arm!" so I keep twisting until he gave me his lunch money.
by Cramulus January 20, 2009
Top Definition
Acronym: Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar
"His SPAG is atrocious."
by gentaXY February 10, 2009
SPelling And Grammar
Poor SPAG makes you look like a moron in the eyes of the educated.
by spacer_ May 25, 2008
a little kid waving his arms around
That spag has had too much sugar.
by Fresh Heir February 24, 2013
an amazing drummer from end of an era!
do you see spags on those drums?

hell yea i do!
by eoaeawyea June 15, 2011
When you do anything to a girl with sexual connotations.
"Oh yeah I spagged her last night, spagged all over her."
by daughton December 08, 2015
as in spaghetti

but can refer to any kind of pasta
mort:are we reacting spags for lunch?
sayi:fuck no, am getting a kebab
by ssegga July 24, 2008
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