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SOYF is an acronym which stands for shit on your face. It can be used as an insult or a whitty comeback.
"You know, your a bitch. And I dont see why you always have to freak out."
"Its not my fault that Im a bitch. Now shut up before I kick your ass!"
by ChrisCha March 25, 2008
Acronym for Sit On Your Face,
oral pleasure
You're so hot, I want to SOYF:
by cherry1120 August 24, 2010

Verb: To sit on another's face. Preferably a large, beautiful, ethnic ass, smothering a tiny unsuspecting face. "If you don't stop teasing her about her weight, I'm going to soyf you!" OR to fuck something up. "Well you really soyfed things up this time didnt you!?" OR having a leisurely day. "I'm just planning on soyfing the day away."

Noun: Can be used in a positive or negative connotation. "Hey wasn't that orange julius super soyfey?" OR "That dude is such a fucking soyf!
by orange_soyflius. August 20, 2011
S.O.Y.F. SIT ON YOUR FACE. For female to recieve ral sex from some one by sitting on that person's face
"For real, he asked can i come over and i said "only if your trying to let me SOYF""
by anony21 April 12, 2010
Sit on your face.
You ask your friend " S.O.Y.F. ?", while looking at a female. What it means is "Hey, would you "let her Sit On Your Face?". A yes means she's a fine ass bitch, a no means she's mediocre.
by C282 March 08, 2010
skeet on your face.
Do you want to soyf?
by a non y mo us April 27, 2007
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