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When you act a fool with major stupidity
Geeze look at that sour tard
by SHANNON MOTOWAKAN September 22, 2011
To be funny and retarded, but mainly hardcore

Sour - tard is derived from a sour retard

Only hardcores are allowed to use this word
Example 1:
Boy: Hey, did you see that youtube channel, sourtard?

Girl: Yeah, it's awesome, I think everyone should check it out at youtube and search "sourtard"

Boy: There hardcore at life and everything in it

Example 2:
Faggot: Are you hardcore?

Not a faggot: Even better, I'm sourtard

Faggot: What is that?

Not a faggot: Something you will never achieve!
by sourtard theyoutubechannel June 09, 2009