A paddel used by a black man in the movie dazed and confused to beat up freshman boys after school
"hand me my soul pole so i can beat up those kids"
by kellimariejenring cougar April 08, 2007
Top Definition
Large Black Cock
She likes to ride the soul pole
by Anonymous June 04, 2003
A term originated in the Mississippi by a local rapper another word for Dick.
Amy was horny so she called and asked me to come hit her wit dat soulpole.
by 601Swagg October 11, 2011
Reference to a rather large black penis, often depicted in porno movies.
Hey bro weren't you dating Marry Anne? Yeah, we were going together exclusively up until she got a taste of Tyrell's soul pole. I haven't seen her sense.
by Noodler'sRevenge December 05, 2007
A random world of warcraft alias that is nothing more than a brutal typo of what we normal ppl call : soutpole (located in the southern hemisphere)

Can be derived from the word monkey (obviously)

pickle monkey sharade random {goose]
One day I was picking some relish, and suddenly a soulpole appeared in the shimmering lights of my lightsaber.
by Roxxphatcox March 09, 2008
1.) Another word for the mans cock. 2.) A well hunged man.
1.) Yeah I gave this girl my soul pole the other night and she LOVED IT!
by *G* June 01, 2006
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