Sogs is a nicname used for a frequently depressed/sad/loner type person.
"Whats up with sogs over there?"

"Jimmy's got the sogs today"
by Minikey March 03, 2009
Top Definition
Acronym for Special Operations Group, a unit created by the Military Assistance Command-Vietnam (MACV), tasked to perform various unconventional warfare missions in conjunction with the CIA. Its personnel were assigned from Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, Marine Recon, and other units depending on mission requirements.

Missions included deep reconnissance, direct action, downed pilot retrieval, enemy cadre capture and assasination, and any other mission assigned by higher authority.

Members carried a card, called a 'get out of jail free card', stating that the bearer was acting under direct orders of the President and all personnel, regardless of rank, were to give the bearer their full cooperation.

During the later stages of the conflict, the name was changed to Studies and Observation Group in order to mask the unit's true nature from inquiring reporters.

The unit was the most highly decorated unit in the war, as well as one with the highest casualty rate, due to the highly dangerous and sensitive nature of the missions.
Most SOG units, known as 'recon teams', or 'RTs', were named for states or snakes.
by pctfitz March 08, 2006
A SoG or "Sea of Green" is a growing technique used by many cannabis growers which maximizes the amount of plants which can be grow in an area, usually four per square foot. In SoG the focus isn't on getting the largest yield and most colas that you can off of one plant, the idea is to focus one the on large cental cola and maybe a few small other colas. Clones from a mother plant are suggested for SoG grows.
"I'd love to do a SoG, I hear the yields are huge!"
by Narcissus July 13, 2004
sleep over gang. about as cool as you can get. everyones mad cause they werent at the sleepover you and your group had. usually a group of 3.
man i wish i had a S.O.G. to be in!
by Smeesh January 25, 2008
sea of green.

refers to a large amount of cannabis plants growing in one place
*checks my basement*
w0w man that is one sea of green!
by Ground Zero July 07, 2004
A well-known manufacturer of survival & combat knives.
"The SOG Tigershark is their biggest knife."
by Dave November 04, 2004
1.) A physical location south of Gandy Boulevard in Tampa, FL. 2.) The state of mind or way of life of someone who grew up south of Gandy, can drink beer with the best of them, probably went to Robinson H.S. and parents were either blue collar or military.
Do you live in SOG town? or YOU seriously bought a house in SOG town? or Dude, she is so SOG.
by Tampa Girl 33611 August 31, 2008
An abbreviated quote that applies to nearly every situation in life.

Meaning: Snake Or Get Snaked.
Example 1

*Cutting infront of people in a huge line-up for the Ski Lift*
Buddy: "Man, good thing we snaked infront of those people."
Me: "You know it bro, Snake or Get SNAKED."

Example 2

Buddy: Damn, those were some mighty fine honey dips we found in the village last night.
Me: Yessir, it was either our pick up or the other guys, Snake or Get Snaked.

by rm229 February 19, 2013
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