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Military arm of the SS, Adolf Hitler's personal troops. They originally comprised of the SS-VT and the Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler {Hitler's personal bodyguard), later to expand to 36 divisions and over 500,000 men. These units were feared everywhere they fought in WWII, whether in conventional combat or in anti-partisan warfare. Their ferociousness, combined with their devout belief in Nazism, caused them to perpetrate some of the most horrible atrocities of the war, such as the Malmedy massacre, where dozens of US Army prisoners were summarily executed during the Battle of the Bulge.

Their units include:

1st SS-Panzer Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler (LSSAH)

2nd SS-Panzer Division Das Reich

3rd SS-Panzer Division Totenkopf (originally formed from concentration camp guards.)
5th SS-Panzer Division Wiking (Viking)
6th SS-Panzer Division Nord
(these units were made up of volunteers from Scandinavia)

The previous units did most of their fighting on the Eastern Front (Soviet Union)
9th SS-Panzer Division Hohenstaufen
10th SS-Panzer Division Frundsberg
(these units distinguished themselves during Operation MARKET-GARDEN (A Bridge Too Far) when they, with a scattering of other units, defeated the British 1st Airborne and the British 30th Corps. This was one of the few times Waffen-SS units acted with honor and chivalry, caring for wounded prisoners.)

12th SS-Panzer Division Hitlerjugend (this division was formed from former Hitler Youth)

Panzer Brigade 500
(this unit, commanded by Otto Skorzeny, sent English speaking commandos behind US lines to disrupt Allied rear echelon units and conduct sabotage during the Ardennes Offensive in 1944)

SS-schwere Panzerbatallion 501
(unit which Michael Wittmann, the greatest tank commander in history, served)

Other non-German SS units included Belgians, Ukranians, Russians, Muslims from Yugoslavia, French, and 50 British.

Some Waffen-SS men were attached to the Einsatzgruppen, whose task was to round up Jews, Communists, intellectuals, Gypsies, or anyone else considered undesireable to be executed. Particularly on the Eastern Front.
These units are to be respected and feared, but never admired.
Not to be confused with other units such as the SD, Gestapo, or Allegemeine-SS (the branch of the SS that ran the concentration and death camps)
by pctfitz June 09, 2005
US Navy Special Warfare DEVelopment GRoUp-This unit is tasked with testing equipment for Naval Special Warfare. In reality, it is the continuation of the disbanded SEAL Team 6 (founded by the highly respected Richard Marcinko). The men assigned to this unit are the premier maritime assault and naval counterterror unit in existance.
Demo Dick wanted me to join Six, but since he left, why would I?
by pctfitz November 06, 2004
Acronym for Special Operations Group, a unit created by the Military Assistance Command-Vietnam (MACV), tasked to perform various unconventional warfare missions in conjunction with the CIA. Its personnel were assigned from Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, Marine Recon, and other units depending on mission requirements.

Missions included deep reconnissance, direct action, downed pilot retrieval, enemy cadre capture and assasination, and any other mission assigned by higher authority.

Members carried a card, called a 'get out of jail free card', stating that the bearer was acting under direct orders of the President and all personnel, regardless of rank, were to give the bearer their full cooperation.

During the later stages of the conflict, the name was changed to Studies and Observation Group in order to mask the unit's true nature from inquiring reporters.

The unit was the most highly decorated unit in the war, as well as one with the highest casualty rate, due to the highly dangerous and sensitive nature of the missions.
Most SOG units, known as 'recon teams', or 'RTs', were named for states or snakes.
by pctfitz March 08, 2006
Grenzschutzgruppe 9-German counterterror
unit formed after the botched Munich Olympic massacre in 1972. This unit's most famous mission was the re-taking of a Lufthansa airliner in Mogadishu in 1977. This is a police unit, part of the Border Police, but has close ties to the British SAS and the USN DEVGRU(formerly SEAL Team 6). Also the first unit to employ the MP5 submachine gun, which is now the standard for CT units and special ops forces.
When I was in Hereford, I did some cross-training with the SAS and met a Feldwebel from GSG-9
by pctfitz November 06, 2004
A character in the comic "GI Joe"

Officially designated as 'Commando',he is the unit's most expereinced and skilled operator.

Served two tours in Vietnam as a LRRP, apparently assigned to SOG, which one may assume he has Special Forces training.

After leaving the Army, and learning of the loss of his family to a car accident, went to Japan to train with his LRRP team-mate Thomas Arashikage in the ways of ninjitsu.

Becoming a ninja, he left the dojo when his mentor, the Hard Master was killed apparently by Thomas (known as Storm Shadow). Later is was determined that the hired assasin known as Zartan was the killer, under orders to kill Snake Eyes.

Spent an undetermined amount of time in seclusion in a mountain cabin, until SSG Lonzo Wilkinson (known as Stalker),another member of the LRRP team, recruited him to join GI Joe.

On a rescue mission in the Middle East, when his Huey transport helicopter malfunctioned, a fuel explosion caused his face to be horribly scarred and his vocal chords to be irreparably damaged, precluding the ability to speak.

Snake-Eyes now wears a mask to cover the scars,usually a black mask when wearing tactical clothing and a latex facsimile of his unscarred face while in class A's.

Served in GI Joe 1980-1995, left when unit was disbanded,continued ninja training where he has achieved Master status(sometimes known as the Silent Master). Also became freelance operator for unnamed US intelligence agencies before rejoining a reformed GI Joe team in 2001.

Romantically involved with SFC Shana O'Hara (known as Scarlett) since they first met in 1980. Engaged to be married to Scarlett, broke off engagement in 1999, and reconciled later to be married at an undetermined date.

Known as one of the most feared and respected special operators in the world, performing missions in accordance with US policy on 7 continents.



US Army Airborne (Master Parachutist)
US Army Ranger
US Army Jungle Warfare (Jungle Expert)
US MACV Recondo
US Army Mountain Warfare
US Army JFK Center for Special Warfare (assumed)
Various other schools

9MM Uzi Submachine Gun
9MM Beretta M92FS Automatic Pistol
Katana Sword

Qualified expert in all NATO and former Warsaw Pact small arms, as well as edged weapons.

It makes one wonder if such character exists in the real world..............
If you are an enemy of the US, pray Snake Eyes doesn't get you at night.
by pctfitz November 06, 2005
An action where a person in a small foreign car cuts you off in a parking lot and takes your spot. You and your buddies move to one side of the offender's vehicle and push the car out of the parking space by 'bouncing' it. You then park your car in the spot.

Make sure of two things:

1.The person cannot see you do this:
2.You have enough space to get out of the spot.

If done right, the offending car will be towed.

Popular at the jersey shore and the Meadowlands.
This asshole jumped our spot at the Jints game, so we gave him the Jersey bounce and parked there. We last saw him chasing the tow truck. What a fuckface.
by pctfitz June 08, 2005
Term used by Northern New Jersey males between 18-45 when describing a trip to Atlantic City to drink, gamble, and go to strip clubs. This term is primarily used around girlfriends and wives, to disguise the true nature of the trip.

Also known as "Exit 38", the exit on the Garden State Parkway for the Atlantic City Expressway.
Big Jimmy: Hey, what time you wanna go down south tonite?
Little Jimmy: We'll leave around 7:30.
Big Jimmy's Wife: What's down south?
Big Jimmy: Hey, what do you care? Now make me a sangwich.
by pctfitz June 09, 2005

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