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Sony online entertainment Known to fuck up mmo games
"hey jimmy you brought dc universe aw no take that shit the fuck back its another SOE title" Yet another well planed game FUCKED UP BY SOE WELL DONE YOU COCK SUCKERS
by anon3543543 May 05, 2011
9 14
abbreviation for Sister-Hoe. Like best-friends but a better way of putting it. Sister-hoe, sometimes they act like your sister, and sometimes they just act like hoes.
"I Love my SOES! They're my girls for life!"
"Sup Sister-Hoe! Love you SOE!"
by chanelbabycakes92 November 26, 2009
3 10
Science Over Everything.

This is a new(er) "religion" developed by many of your everyday people. It sticks to the ideas that science and the Big Bang Theory is what really brought this planet to life. It's not quite and idea of "atheism" but does carry a lot of the same beliefs, at least the scientific beliefs involved. SOE believes that science was the true beginning of everything, but still leaves an open idea of a higher being in existance. So as previously mentioned, it's not completely atheist, it's just an understanding of what's already been proven, and the benefit of the doubt of what hasn't or cannot be proven.
An SOE believer knows that the earth was created scientifically, and believes in evolution, but may also believe that there IS still a higher being out there.
by bkrowdie February 08, 2010
1 11