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a white chick who'll only do black dudes. (ALSO CALLED...MUD SHARK, COAL BURNER, FENCE JUMPER, CHOCOLATE DIPPER.")
I thought she preferred white meat, but it seems she now only sips chocolate milk. She has turned into quite the little 'snicker licker.'
by weave October 07, 2003
473 135
White girls who like black guys.
Pauly: Ryan, Good luck trying to hook up with Jen, she's nothing but a snicker licker.
by Vinnie D August 01, 2005
182 104
Any non-black girl dating a black guy.
Did you see Becky and Lashuandwan holding hands?
Yea, what a snicker licker.
by The Digerati January 09, 2005
173 116
A white girl who has oral sex with black guys.
Man did you hear about Mary? She turned into an old snicker licker! She sure does satisfy.
by Manning. September 24, 2007
96 68
A girl who has relations with black guys.

Snicker refering to their "part"
Gina only dates black guys, she is a snicker licker.
by CouchBug July 10, 2008
85 67
a word used to describe a girl who likes the black penis and usually licks, and or sucks it!
A.dude she gave that a black guy over there head!

B. ya sounds like a snickerlicker forsure!!!
by corey0864 May 22, 2007
24 18
any body who sucks NIGGER COCK
most hot white girls are startin to become snicker lickers

me: Chris, ur a dumbass
Chris: ur a beaner
me: ur a snicker licker
Chris: I DONT SUCK NIGGER COCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by NOBAMA!!!!!!! June 01, 2009
108 138