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Acronym for "So Not German". Used for expressing one's amazement at another person's display of a behavior decidedly different from that of a stereotypically German person. Is also more generally used for pointing out a characteristic in someone or something of German origin that does not meet the observer's expectations because it is in startling contrast to his or her perception of Germany and all things German.
That guy Dietrich gave me a hug to say sorry he was late. SNG!
by MEGATiN! February 17, 2011
Sng or Sng^^ is acronym for Croatian word "Smijem se na glas" which stans for LOL or Laughing Out Loud
by djVladTepes July 04, 2009
Sunday night gallery
Going SNG ?' 'Yeah, you?' 'Yeah, but i won't see you cos i'm a loser' 'Oh right. cool
by hahaha2k10 January 17, 2011
sum next guy

but if you sed snc would stand for sum next chick
"who u wid fam"

Sng were just jamming
by polisher August 03, 2009
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