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The best SNES emulator for fast computers. ZSNES may not play sound on certain computers, but if you get SNES9X, you're good to go.
SNES9X r0x0rs and it the best ZSNES emulator out there.
by Bryant November 20, 2004
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An SNES emulator which is more stable than ZSNES and runs just as well, if not better.
"ZSNES is the Windows of SNES emulation -- Piece of shit! Use Snes9x instead, like a REAL pirate"
by Parasyte January 28, 2003
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An old emulator for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (aka Super Famicom). It used to be good, but is no longer supported. You're much better off using the frequently updated and incredibly optimized ZSNES; it sets the new standard.
Parasyte is a douchebag and completely ignorant of technological advancements made within the last five years, so don't get SNES9x; get ZSNES instead.
by K-Cut Deluxe May 19, 2004
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