The typo for Sand especially when playing online games such as Delta Force Black Hawk Down. Snad has become the noun which now means Sand.
Hey Snad nice shot bro.

Yo Look at that Snad on the ground.

We are walking on desert snad.
by Snadstorm.dow February 21, 2007
Top Definition
SNAD- Suck Nuts And Die.
Jon told Billy to go SNAD.
Billy said "Whats SNAD"
Jon replies "Suck Nuts And Die"
by 0zymandias August 18, 2009
SNADS is a wonderful little club for allllll those who do not shave their funts they love it, amazing. like the w.i. just hairier hehe
rachael? are you going to snads?
by shut the fuck up January 03, 2005
female who has a suspicious bulge when wearing pants
"That chick is wicked hot."

"That bitch has got a snad yo'."

"Fuck that."
by loren goins November 28, 2003
A small amount of something.
"Would you like some gravy?"
"Just a snad please."
by Jamboree May 21, 2008

How to recognize a SNAD-
Cap on head. Usual colors are beige, muted green, blue, or terra cotta
Baby harnessed to chest.
Carrying all of the Mom's and kid's shit
Walking behind the mother
Children frequently punch, kick or mouth off to the SNAD, who takes it.
Delicate facial hair that's been trimmed and groomed
Looks asexual, but not feminine A SNAD is not a SNAG.
They always have a sort of worried look on their face.
See the guy in women's clothing pushing the stroller and carrying a purse and diaper bag? Class 5 SNAD alert!
by Fotmasta April 12, 2007
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