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SMYAL is this super cool LGBT Organization located in Eastern Market which is literally near the Eastern Market Metro Station in D.C. They have really cool programs for LGBT Youth ages 13-21, such as a group for Women, a Rap Group, a Queer Asian Group, Saturday Programming, Advocacy Groups, and much more. SMYAL is a great place to meet other LGBTQ Youth who live in and around the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia Area (DMV). They are also notorious for having really cute staff, oh, and they have free HIV/AIDS Testing everyday.
Person A: "Yo, are you going to SMYAL today?"
Person B: "Yeah totally, they're having that group for women today that meets every Thursday!"
Person A: "Oh yeah, that's right, and there's free food!!!!"

Person A: "Did you hear about that super cool dance that SMYAL had after Pride?!?"
Person B: "Yeah man, I was there and so were some super hot chicks
Person A: "Damn, I knew I should have gone!"
by carolyn4444 July 05, 2013
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