Top Definition
SuCK me up right quick
yO bitch s.m.u.r.q

yo fuck wroung wit u u kno what s.m.u.r.q

yo i need a girl 2 s.m.u.r.q
by zico point du jour April 07, 2007
Sexual acronym which is the request of a male to another person to perform oral sex on him.

Stands for: Suck. Me. Up. Real. Quick.

Note: Can also be used as a verb in everyday usage as seen in example 2 & 3.
1. "Girl just SMURQ before we go to bed."

2. "I hope she SMURQs me tonight."

3. "Damn bro I'm feinin for a girl to SMURQ me right about now."
by l.I.V.i.n May 26, 2010
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