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stands for 'shake my mutha fuckin god damn head' or maybe ' shakING my mutha fuckin god damn head'. used when people think what is going on is so ignorant there is nothing to do but just shake their head. used when they really think this is the dumbest thing known to mankind!
Girl: ( monday ) what is love really? dont need no man for me!
Girl: ( tuesday ) fuck love! im done trying!
- of course -

Girl: ( wednesday ) when i met you things all changed!
Girl: ( thurday ) crushing so HARD !
Girl: ( friday ) I lovee you baby ! and everybody says boys are no good! well he juss proved them ALL wrong!
Girl: ( weekend ) been with him! i love you

by the bestestt ! September 29, 2010
Smmfgdh: Branching off of the simple "smh", which is 'shaking my head' for people who aren't familiar, "smmfgdh" is a more dramatic approach and means 'shaking my motherfucking god damn head.' It's more for those very serious when you're about to bag it, and she ends up smelling like fish. Or when your girl had to run to her car and get her GPS in an attempt to find your schlong. Or when McDonald's gives you mustard when you CLEARLY asked for ketchup. SMMFGDH.
An example of smmfgdh is up there...bustas.
by Douches. October 31, 2010
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