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Similar to "FML" aka "FUCK MY LIFE".
Broke a mirror today, SML.
by penguwin February 06, 2011
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Show Miyachi Love
Non Jammer 1: Hey man, check out this Miyachi trick (using palms)
Jammer 1: Dude no palms. SML
by Pham PHISH October 11, 2013
so much love
"this is the best day ever! sml to my friends for making it happen!"
by potatofriesaf February 14, 2015
Stoner Memory Loss
"Where did you stash the weed?"

"I forgot, I was high, SML."
by AliBud June 22, 2013
Shit Myself Laughing
"Just watched a fat chick fall down infront of McNasty and i SML!"
by MrGrim September 14, 2015
Save My Life
by stwats March 03, 2012
full of about 5 hot chicks and the rest are butt ugly. There's about I hottie in each grade starting in s1. They have fucked up grades and are drunkies.
Some are supersmart some pay off the school. All are rich bitches who think they can have any guy they want with the snap of a finger. only about 5 girls can!
girls here are anorexic and i guarantee every single one has had a lesbian expierence.
slut goes to smls like the girls are whores and they are only hot sometimes only the ones with shoer uniforms
by Jaseon January 23, 2007

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