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2 definitions by penguwin

Similar to "FML" aka "FUCK MY LIFE".
Broke a mirror today, SML.
by penguwin February 06, 2011
Literally speaking, you have nothing else to say and don't know.
Can be used to exit/end a conversation, justify a break-up/cheat-on, and as an excuse for not wanting to think.
This phrase has an angry/indifferent/anxious undertone.

This phrase can also be followed by ", eh eh." often referenced by Monsters from "Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" by Lady GaGa.
1. A: "I can't believe you fucking slept with him last night, you promised you'd never cheat on me..."
B: "I was so wasted last night, I'm sorry..."
A: "There's nothing else I can say."

2. A: "Did you seriously max-out my credit card...?"
B: "It was an accident... there's nothing else I can say..."
by penguwin June 13, 2011