SMITF-Shoot Me In The Face. Something is so ridiculously unbearable, and socially retarded, that it makes you want to end your misery, and awkwardness.OR something is just b/s, and you'd rather be shot in the face than listen to something so ridiculous.
-"did you see what sara was wearing today?"
~"OH my gah, SMITF!"

-"Sorry I don't think we should see e/o anymore, i want to be friends. cuz well i'm gay"
~"Shoot me in the face."
by Ig-E January 07, 2007
Abbreviation for "Shoot me in the face." Generally, this phrase should be applied when a moment has surpassed the classification of "FML," and has now reached the point where being shot in the face appears better than carrying out the moment in question.
-OMG, that report is due tomorrow and I have to do it all tonight! SMITF!

-Do you wanna go see the new Matt Damon movie?
-Oh dear Jesus, SMITF.

-"Honey! Will you go take the trash to the curb please?"
-How much is there?
-"Well we had that party last week, so a pretty good amount."
-"Ughhhhhhhhhh, SMITF!
by bondtheater August 23, 2010

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