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Social. Mentally. Athletically. Fucked.
"Haha look at that weirdo over there. He's always alone..."
"Yeah, man, he is so smaf"
by Soldier of Love May 22, 2010
The strategic cropping of a photograph to cut out a female's face.
"His girlfriend's face remained anonymous to his online friends, as he had smaffed her face." - Atashicola
by TheRealNeverender January 02, 2009
Shaking My Angry Fist
Why is my eye twitching??!!? SMAF!
by Rabble Rubble Rabble April 26, 2013
Socially, Mentally, Athletically, Fucked
Someone who no one likes.
Look at that fag fingering his but whole, "hes definitely a S.M.A.F.
by chill321123 April 04, 2011
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